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* gsecdump (http://www.truesec.com/PublicStore/catalog/categoryinfo.aspx?cid=223)
* gsecdump (http://www.truesec.com/PublicStore/catalog/categoryinfo.aspx?cid=223)
* p0f
* p0f
* nbtscan (http://www.inetcat.net/software/nbtscan-1.5.1.tar.gz)
* nbtscan (http://www.inetcat.net/software/nbtscan.html)

==Stuff to investigate==
==Stuff to investigate==

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Useful tools

This is my attempt to maintain a list of tools. I might eventually sort it by OS or purpose or whatever, but eh? Note that I'm not including wireless tools in this list. So, in no particular order, ...

Stuff to investigate

Useful Non-metasploit Exploits

Firefox Addons

I don't actually use all these on a regular basis, but I found some on another site.

  • Add N Edit Cookies
  • Firebug
  • Foxy Proxy
  • Hackbar
  • Header Monitor
  • Noscript
  • Poster
  • Server Spy
  • SQL Inject Me
  • SSL Blacklist
  • Tamper Data
  • User Agent Switcher

This is cool enough that I had to link it from somewhere

Wireless tools

TODO: learn to hack wireless. :)

Stuff I wrote