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Welcome to the Skull Security Wiki!

This wiki was started by Ron (also known as iago[x86], iago[vL], etc.), and is dedicated to anything that I find interesting, feel like writing about, or want to share knowledge about. Since this is a wiki, you are free to make changes, if you want to. But keep in mind that this is designed to be mine, so keep that in mind if you intend to change anything.


I was getting more and more spam, so I disabled editing for non-approved users. If you want to edit, please email me (ron at and let me know what account you create, and I'll grant you edit access ASAP.

Getting started

Here are the categories where I've written something:

(Looking for lockdown, srp, and other stuff that used to be here? Check My Projects, they're probably there.)


Although this is technically a personal site, I have opted to do it as a wiki. I did it for a few reasons:

  • Looks nice
  • Easy to update

At the top of sections, I am planning on having a policy on editing clearly visible. Generally, minor edits (to fix small mistakes like spelling/grammar) that don't change the content or meaning are okay, and any other edits should be run by me first. This policy may vary section to section, so check if I've written a policy before making any changes.

Note that I'm generally happy to have people help out, as long as you let me know first!

If you don't know how to reach me, send an email to

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