Example 2b

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.text:1901B26C                 mov     [esp+6FCh+hashKey], 13AC9741h
.text:1901B274                 mov     ebx, 0Bh
.text:1901B279 loc_1901B279:                           ; CODE XREF: sub_1901AA30+887�j
.text:1901B279                 movsx   eax, byte ptr [esp+ebx+6FCh+cdkey]
.text:1901B27E                 push    eax             ; int
.text:1901B27F                 call    _toupper
.text:1901B284                 add     esp, 4
.text:1901B287                 cmp     al, 37h
.text:1901B289                 mov     byte ptr [esp+ebx+6FCh+cdkey], al
.text:1901B28D                 jg      short loc_1901B2A7
.text:1901B28F                 mov     ecx, [esp+6FCh+hashKey]
.text:1901B293                 mov     dl, cl
.text:1901B295                 and     dl, 7
.text:1901B298                 xor     dl, al
.text:1901B29A                 shr     ecx, 3
.text:1901B29D                 mov     byte ptr [esp+ebx+6FCh+cdkey], dl
.text:1901B2A1                 mov     [esp+6FCh+hashKey], ecx
.text:1901B2A5                 jmp     short loc_1901B2B6
.text:1901B2A7 ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
.text:1901B2A7 loc_1901B2A7:                           ; CODE XREF: sub_1901AA30+85D�j
.text:1901B2A7                 cmp     al, 41h
.text:1901B2A9                 jge     short loc_1901B2B6
.text:1901B2AB                 mov     cl, bl
.text:1901B2AD                 and     cl, 1
.text:1901B2B0                 xor     cl, al
.text:1901B2B2                 mov     byte ptr [esp+ebx+6FCh+cdkey], cl
.text:1901B2B6 loc_1901B2B6:                           ; CODE XREF: sub_1901AA30+875�j
.text:1901B2B6                                         ; sub_1901AA30+879�j
.text:1901B2B6                 dec     ebx
.text:1901B2B7                 jns     short loc_1901B279