D&D Session 5

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D&D Session 5: Zombie Sam

  • Monkn and Paladin are conscripted, yet again.
  • Walk within sight of the gate, look at the guards all around it
  • Walk up to the guards, bluff, they totally fail and leave
  • Spend some time trying to figure out the doors
  • Dwarf/Krellus/Sleepy manage to pull out the stake
  • Poison dart hits cleric, but that's ok because it's an NPC!
  • Krellus goes up to get lantern oil, fails move silently
  • Guard talks to him, says that the gate guards are gone, fails bluff check
  • Catapult fires, crushes 20 guys
  • On a sidenote, guys outside are carrying ladders
  • Krellus hits the guard with his staff, for 1ph
  • Guard misses
  • Gate starts slowly opening
  • Wizard continues holding off the guy
  • Monk and Paladin get hit by arrows
  • Krellus runs away, followed by the guard
  • Cleric shoots at guard, hits Krellus
  • Gate is fully open, guys start pouring in
    • Guys left their ladders.. free ladders for Sam!
  • Take off uniforms, put our old clothes back on
  • Hide off to the side
  • Decide to go looting
  • Sam tries to get into bank, gets pwned by a poisoned (diseased?) dart
  • Dwarf tries to get into bank, unsuccessfully
  • Monk tries to get into bakery, unsuccessfully
  • Sam gets the dwarf to try the handle at the bank, just in case it came open
  • Decide we've had enough, go back to camp. Looting bodies on the way.
  • Everybody thinks that Sam is a zombie, for some reason
  • Sleep for the night
  • In the morning, get summoned to Selene
  • Rewarded with small gold coins, and a note that says we can pass freely (or "kill the bearer of this note")
  • Start walking
  • Continue walking
  • No trolls under the bridge
  • Sam turns greener
  • Continue walking
  • Sam looks worse
  • Continue walking
  • Meet some zombies
  • Hit them a bit, get bitten once but not turned into a zombie
  • Krellus uses burning hands on zombies + monk, monk is able to use evasion
  • Kill the zombies
  • Search the cart
  • Discuss zombie plague and zombie horses
  • Continue the journey