D&D Session 3

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  • Somebody's coming.......
  • Sam locks in the rest of the party
  • Sam hides under table
  • Guards come, talk about what happened with the vargoulles, don't mention the murders at all
  • Take 20 to get into food room, feed the monk and everybody else
  • Sam and (Langdon?) go up to the other deck, try to unlock supply room
  • Make lots of noise
  • Guards coming, climb up on the deck
  • Hang off side of ship]
  • Meanwhile, guard finds the rest of the party unlocked
  • They bluff, natural 20, he locks them in and leaves
  • Sam and friend get into supply room, rummage around
  • Find tools, compass
  • Try to hide, really really badly (Sam fumbled, other was close)
  • Return downstairs, lock ourselves in
  • Sleep
  • Wake up, find people milling around. Find some serious gore
  • Sam steals a hanky
  • Taken back to work, only 14 left
  • Go to bed
  • Ask guard to let us out again
  • Pull up floorboard, send down the frog
  • Break into sargeant's room
  • See murdering going down
  • It's the CAPTAIN!!
  • Monk fights him
  • Half-orc uses ray of enfeeblement
  • Sam sneaks around
  • Sneak attack with a 2x4
  • "Let me through!" "Over my dead body"
  • Sam gets smoked, guy behind him is let through
  • Captain is eventually killed
  • Latern knocked over (very convenient)
  • Try to snuff the fire with sails, doesn't work
  • Sam's upset that he can't loot the captain's body. He also left the tools behind. Damnit!
  • On propulsion deck, open the water-troughs
  • Get to top deck, find one guard, Stabby
  • Circle around him, beat him up
  • Saved by Paladin (I think)
  • Get into gear room
  • Grab our stuff, change our clothes (on a flaming ship)
  • Hop on life boat
  • Into the unknown......