Vegan Breading

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I don't know if I'd classify this as a recipe per se, but whatever! This could likely be used for anything you had a desire to bread and bake/fry though I've only used it so far for the TVP nuggets I've been making. You will need the following:

"milk" (Soy or Rice milk would probably work best)
corn flakes
spices, to taste

I didn't include measurements because what you will need depends on the amount of food you are working with. The flour can be left as-is, or you may want to mix with some of your spices. The milk should be left as-is. The corn flakes will need to be run through a food processor first and should be broken down into small pieces. You can then mix the crushed flakes with whatever spices you may want.

If the food you are working with is already slightly moist this will work better, otherwise you may need to dip it in the milk first. Dip the food to be breaded in the flour to get a thin, even coating on the outside of it. Afterward, dip in the milk (So the coating should become a paste), then completely coat the food item in the corn flake/spice mixture.

After this you may finish cooking the item however you like. The end result should be a crispy outer coating.