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On this page, I'm going to give an overview of some rudimentary research I did on the Warden module for Starcraft. I have only looked at it in the context of Starcraft, and no other game client, so I make no guarantees.

At the current time, I can decrypt packages, and download/prepare modules, but I haven't yet looked at how to generate responses for packets. I've decided that I don't have time to do that, but I encourage others to pick up where I left off with that.

Anyway, here's the stuff I can help with (in some cases with code, some cases without):

And here's some extra goodies

Here are the code samples:


I'm not a lawyer. That being said, this work was done, and this information is provided, for educational purposes only. Don't use this information to violate any laws, patents, copyrights, or anything else. All copyrights mentioned here (Blizzard,, Starcraft, etc.) are properties of their owners. The information and code provided here is completely public domain, although it's always polite to give credit to the author (to "iago" or "clan x86"). None of the information here comes with any warranty, guarantee, or promise. Use at your own risk.