Naming Conventions

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While working with the Warden modules, I've come up with a bit of a convention that I hope others will use.

Blizzard named the encrypted files [md5sum].mod. So I started there.

  • [md5sum].mod -- Encrypted module
  • [md5sum].tmp1.bin -- Decrypted, compressed module
  • [md5sum].tmp2.bin -- Decrypted, decompressed and unprepared module
  • [md5sum].bin -- Decrypted, decompressed and prepared module

In addition to md5sum-named files, there's one built-in module. Because the string "Maiev.mod" appears in the module, I decided to name the built-in module "Maive.mod", along with the variations above:

  • Maiev.mod -- Encrypted module
  • Maiev.bin -- Decrypted, decompressed, and prepared module
  • etc.