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This is a page for a "fuzzer" I'm considering writing. It doesn't have a name yet.


  • Proxy functionality (HTTP, socks)
  • Different protocols automatically recognized (ie, raw, http, irc, rpc, etc.)
    • Manipulation of protocol-specific headers (ie, adding/removing headers)
    • Abusing the protocol itself (fields and user data)
    • Knowledge of the protocol (ie, able to update the length field, crc field, etc.)
    • Overflows
    • Format strings
    • Injections (sql, html, shell, email, path)
  • Data encodings
    • Including invalid ones (broken UTF8)
  • Validation
    • Common mistakes: phone number, postal code, etc.
  • Spidering
    • Scraping URLs from Javascript?
  • Queued tests
  • Encode/decode payloads (standard, customized)
  • Multi-page testing (as in, hits certain pages in a certain sequence)
    • State detection (logged in, not logged in -- user-led or automatic ("these pages are logged in, these aren't, what do they have in common?"))
  • User-submitted tests (solving CAPTCHAs when necessary)
  • Diff engine
    • Automatically detect which fields change (has to happen after decoding is done)
  • Page rendering (HTML)
  • Save all tests
    • Save .html/whatever files?
    • Save everything to a DB, attach a Web app to view results?
  • Different plugins for different tasks (spiderer, fuzzer, reporting, etc)
    • Each can send to the rest (right-click on one or more packets, "send to X")
  • Able to attack both clients and servers (may not be useful on browsers, but on other clients)