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I wrote this plugin for Diablo 2 along with Eibro. The first version was heavily object oriented (Eibro's doing, he was very much into object-oriented programming). The second one was more procedural, since I basically wrote it myself.

I don't recall which version of Diablo 2 it was for, but the patch did a few things:

  • Automatically exits games when health falls below a certain threshold
  • Set right or left skill to "kick" (a hidden skill)
  • Displays packets to the user while playing (to help reverse the protocol)
  • Allows read/edit of memory addresses while playing (to help reverse the game)

This was actually a pretty slick program, I enjoyed writing it a lot.

svn co http://svn.skullsecurity.org:81/ron/old/D2Plugin
svn co http://svn.skullsecurity.org:81/ron/old/D2Plugin2