D&D Session 7

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  • Decide to make camp for the night
  • Rest for the whole day, identify the next two potions
  • Single zombie wanders over, kill him
  • Dwarf finds the seal on the ground, shows paladin
  • Eventually shows party, passes around
    • (never gets it back!)
  • Go down to bridge, it's burnt down!
  • 5 zombies (or slow tourists)
  • Kill them
  • Create an awesome plan to cross using rope
  • Nobody has rope!
  • Argue about where to go for like 2 hours
  • Find a zombie at the crossroads, kill it
  • Make camp for the night
  • Continue walking
  • Arrive at where camp was, find Ibnis!
  • Trade information with Ibby, leave
  • Walk for awhile, meet another zombie
  • That's it!