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These are the steps to creating a character in my campaign. Note that this is completely different from the official rules. I don't like them much.

You should print and use File:Character Sheet.pdf

Step 1

Choose a name, gender, history, occupation and any other characteristics that'll affect the way you build the character. Keep in mind that this game takes place in the early 1990s.

List of Occupations

Step 2

Determine characteristics.

You begin with 80 stat points (100 if you write a compelling character history) that you can divide among your eight base stats. No stat may be lower than 1, nor can it be over the value listed.

Strength 18
Constitution 18
Size 18
Dexterity 18
Appearance 18
Intelligence 18
Power 18
Education 21

Step 3

Determine derived statistics:

  • Sanity = Power x 5
  • Idea = Intelligence x 5
  • Luck = Power x 5
  • Know = Education x 5
  • Hit Points = Constitution + Size (not /2!)
  • Magic Points = Power
  • Damage Bonus = Strength + Size, on the table below:
STR + SIZBonus
2 - 12-1d6
13 - 16-1d4
17 - 240
25 - 32+1d4
33 - 40+1d6
41 - 56+2d6
57 - 72+3d6
73 - 88+4d6

Step 4

Determine Skills.

Each skill starts with a base value, listed on the Skill List. All points spent on skills are added to that base value.

The investigator receives Education x 20 skill points to add to his occupation's skills (List of Occupations).

The investigator receives an additional Intelligence x 15 skill points to add to whichever skill he wants (except for Cthulhu Mythos).