Adventure 1, Session 3

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As usual, I waited way too long to write this, so it's probably going to be inaccurate. But, luckily, I made notes this time!


Day 5 (Tuesday, January 9, 1990)

  • Girl from one of Number One 's classes goes to see David the Lawyer, claims that she'd been sexually harassed
    • Shows videos of what appears to be Number One propositioning her
    • David the Lawyer proves the videos are fake, offers to defend against the lawsuier
  • C. Dundee and David the Undertaker see Kris and George Burroughs walking towards the sea
    • Follow them
    • The men explain that they're going fishing
    • The characters ask to come with, the men grudgingly accept
  • Fastjack needs to reprogram magcards, but requires an actual reader/writer
    • Heads to a black market shop to buy one
    • Picks up other paraphernalia while there
  • Fastjack 's bug picks up a call between George Burroughs and Kris
    • "Willards" will help them (he's the financial guy for basically the whole neighbourhood)
    • The meeting is moved to 11 due to people snooping
  • Characters see Kris going towards the church about 10:30
    • Decide to go break into his house
    • David the Undertaker, Fastjack, C. Dundee go to the house
    • Can't get the door unlocked, have to call Fastjack
    • Fastjack unlocks the door, and leaves
    • Players search house, find all kinds of things (that I hope they wrote down, because I didn't)
    • Cart the stuff back home, burn down the house
    • Go to the church, try to get Kris' attention
    • Kris eventually comes out, sees the house on fire, wants to go for a coffee
    • He is noticeably shaken up
    • Goes to the coffee shop with the C. Dundee and David the Undertaker, nobody's working there so they let themselves in
    • Eventually, the person who runs it (Bridget Bishop) returns
    • Kris wants to talk to her privately, and goes to the back room for a minute
    • When he comes back, he seems relieved, and less shaken up
    • They go home, and Kris goes to Bridget's home