Adventure 1, Session 2

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I waited way too long to write this, so it's probably going to be very incomplete, but it should hit upon the highpoints


Day 4 (Tuesday, January 9, 1990)

  • Party wants to look into the lock more
    • David the Laywer calls the company, convinces them to send over the schematics
    • Fastjack asks his buddies at MIT to reverse engineer the lock, they say they need a research grant
    • David the Lawyer puts in the paperwork, and Fastjack fast tracks the approval
      • Lock is overnighted
    • One of the guys looks at the schematics, makes a perfect roll, and instantly knows how to override the lock
    • Determine that the door code is encoded on the magnetic strip in a fairly simple way
      • Simply requires a magnetic card writer
  • Characters bring Veronica Chee to jail
    • David the Lawyer insists on a speedy trial, calls judge at home in the middle of the evening to set one up.
    • Judge promises to look after it.
  • C. Dundee insists on watching Veronica
  • Police say they have to go to town for a couple hours
    • C. Dundee insists on waiting, so he's locked in the lobby of the police station
  • Various people are seen going to the church
  • Somebody checks if cop car is still there, and it is
    • Players suspect that the cops went to the church
  • Characters try and break into the church
    • Discover plywood covering the windows that wasn't there before
    • Hear the sound of hammering on the inside
  • C. Dundee receives a page -- kill Veronica Chee for $50,000 if he tells nobody
    • Tells David the Undertaker (presumably over walkie talkies)
    • Hatches a plan -- to burn down the cop shop and replace Veronica with a dead body
    • Arrange the body, C. Dundee attempts to kick down the door, critical fumbles
      • Sprains ankle
    • David the Undertaker kicks down door, attempts to start electrical fire
      • Succeeds, with difficulty
  • Meanwhile, Number One sees people coming out of the church, hides around the corner
    • To slow them down, he does some backflips
  • Veronica is taken out by Fastjack
    • Veronica, who has no idea who Fastjack is, pushes him away and runs.
      • Gets most of the way to edge of town before he manages to tackle her
      • She says she needs to get out of Hidden Valley
      • They say they'll take her somewhere safe
      • She grudgingly agrees